Judith Copland


Forest River

Capilano River

Wind Through Trees

Island Mist

2 Responses to “Judith Copland”

  1. sheryl fremlin Says:

    Loved Jude’s “Wind Through Trees”, I could feel it dancing through the branches.

  2. Gregory Bruce Says:

    Hi Judith, Herei is that written piece about persons…


    One navigational lens to guide us and find better solutions is through the notion of persons.

    It’s fair to say that most persons wish to live peaceful, prosperous and meaningful lives within and between families and communities. Persons all come from mystery, are born, live and love, die and return to mystery. At best we live here with some kind of grace, belief, and dignity.

    For those who cannot live like this we have created criminal law, liability for wrong doing, human rights protections, and mental health laws. We specifically deal with those who are a danger to themselves and a danger to other people and the law does evolve.

    We even recognize personhood in other sentient creatures. Legal status is sometimes given to natural creatures and natural environments. As part of this we make laws to protect natural creatures and environments and have declarations to respect ancient wisdoms and to consult with those who have a more holistic understanding of the natural order.

    All of this goes on while creation, existence, how we came to be here, and what to do while here during our brief visit remain mysteries of faith, if one might say that.

    We have also created for ourselves a so called superior class of persons of a kind, some of which we call corporations and nation states. These things live no life of a natural creature and are supposed to serve our interests, most often through money, power and legacy decision making.

    Why these other things should not be as accountable as we each are is a huge problem. This is the navigational error that becomes more apparent in our literate and interconnected world.

    From the imperatives of money, power and legacy we have war, war for profit and power, greed, sociopathic leadership, all manner of bad behaviour between neighbours, and, worst yet, a suicide pact of so called stability between nation states called mutually assured destruction.

    Who wants to be part of this cult of the current? It’s as pointless as the fight to the death between Protestants and Catholics in a Europe that existed centuries ago. If we repeat this same pattern over and over and expect a different outcome we must be insane, foggy minded or stupid.

    As the law knows no bounds, or so they say, perhaps we should wake up and make our little visit here part of a better day. This would begin with happy healthy families and communities.

    Who needs more damage and displacement? Civilization is our artificial creation. Maybe we should look at it like that and look after civilization by looking after each other a little bit better.

    It’s simple. Use what’s between your ears and be the person you should be.

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