Paintings & Drawings by Eniko

Please join us for the month of August for Paintings & Drawings by Canadian Hungarian Artist Eniko.



Enikő although born in Toronto, began her studies in painting, life drawing and applied graphics in Hungary, with a wealth of art and history. She also received traditional training in photography and graphic art techniques. Enikő was mentored by renowned Hungarian artist Endre Szasz. She got her bachelor degree of architect designer artist at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. She returned to Canada after obtaining her degree and was mentored by Russell Hollingsworth. Her work is influenced by her memories in Europe and west coast organic architecture. She took several road trips across the US to soak up ideas. Her influences range from Jay Defeo to Riopelle. Artists she admires include Egon Schiele, Picasso…
She currently lives and creates in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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