Hastings: A Second Look. by Gabor Gasztonyi

Gabor Gasztonyi Studio & Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition: Hastings: A Second Look, a featured exhibit for the Capture Photography Festival 2017. Opening night April 6th, 2017.  Exhibition runs to May 13, 2017.

The book, A Room in the City (Anvil Press) published in 2010, reveals a six-year journey into the hotel rooms of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  Gabor Gasztonyi has continued to photograph and work in the area for another six years, finding new images that reflect the often difficult and contradictory beauty of the people and the places they live.

Gabor Gasztonyi, MPA Master of Photographic Arts, has been a professional photographer for over twenty years and operates a studio and gallery in New Westminster.   His book A Room in the City, published in 2010 by Anvil Press was a finalist for the George Ryga Award for Social Justice in literature.   Known as a portrait and documentary photographer his current projects include native rodeo in BC, Sudanese refugees to Canada, and recently a new project titled the Last Polio Children, documenting children with polio.  Past exhibits include the Surrey Art Gallery:  South Bank II, featuring photographs of Sudanese refugees and in Paris last July at the Unesco Headquarters as part of the Alfried Fried Exhibit.




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